J Brand Houlihans


J Brand Battled Vintage Houlihan in Smoked Topaz

I am finally the proud owner of a pair of J Brand Houlihan jeans. Under my current budget it did feel like they cost me an arm and leg, however, the low-rise skinny cargo’s are super comfy and – if celebrity trends are anything to go off, are all the rage right now. They come in heaps of colours such as black, khaki and white, as well as my three personal favourites of worn onyx, west point and battled vintage smoked topaz (which I now own). Celebs such as Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani have all been seen wearing them. Although I was completely clueless about this fact when I first saw them and started wanting a pair; after hearing that they’re quite the ‘It’ pant, I did want them a little more.

Celebrities wearing J Brand Houlihans

The battled vintage smoked topaz style suits most pink, purple, cream and white tops; and I’m yet to see if what black tops of mine they suit. Tank tops go great with them, but not if you’re going to them pair them with chunky boots. Piper Perabo wore both the vintage and khaki versions of the houlihan in a few episodes of Covert Affairs with chunky shoes and it was not a flattering look. If you have the slightest bit of curve it’s best to wear them with cute flats and sandals, as well as heels. The pants now come in shorts versions which are also super cute and a great alternative for the summer. So if you get the chance to try them on, do it!

J Brand Houlihan short in vintage olive


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