The Sequined Clutch

I’ve always been one to go for the practical accessories. As much as I love the gorgeous clutches and shoes on offer, I often don’t buy really unique pairs simply because I won’t get as much use out of them as I like. Every now and then, however, I break this little trend of mine and go for something a bit different. Funnily enough, they still tend to have an element of usability to them.

Recently, I came across a gorgeous sequined clutch (Alexia Sequin Clutch) at Witchery. For those who have read my post about the photo shoot I did for my Loop Magazine article, it’s the clutch used in the Witchery photos. It’s great clutch because it’s a little more dressy than my usual Louis Vuitton or Eclettica clutches, however, the colours of it match majority of outfits in my wardrobe. At the moment, I’m going through an oversized clutch obsession. Probably something to do with the fact that a) they’re easier to carry – just chuck it under your arm b) there’s more space to carry my apparent abundance of stuff c) they make a nice, big statement and can really do wonders for a simple outfit. If you want something a little bit smaller Witchery also has other sequined ones to tickle your sequined clutch fancy.


Alexia Sequin Clutch from Witchery




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