Authentic Vans

For about two years now I have been chasing after a pair of Authentic Vans in canvas red after seeing a girl in a Sydney shoe store wearing them. Unfortunately for me, I require a size 3. In case you’ve never chased after a pair, they’re a bit hard to find. I asked around majority of Sydney stores, and unless I lived there I couldn’t just waltz in and buy a pair. Apparently, size 3 Vans are very popular/sought after and sell out within a couple of days of arriving in store.

Recently, my father took a trip to America and what should he come across SIZE 3 AUTHENTIC RED VANS! I was so excited. Needless to say, they’re the comfiest shoes ever and look über cute with shorts, casual dresses and really make your gym outfit look way funkier. Mmn it’s love! I plan on pairing these bad-boys with maybe a charcoal dress, tan belt and bag when I hit Full Noise Festival.

Authentic Red Vans


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