The X-Factor Australia

I can’t admit I’m one for reality shows such as Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol etc. However, over the course of a few weeks I’ve been catching the occasional glimpse of The X-Factor Australia, and I must say it does spike my interest levels.

The all-girl band Mahogany have the best wardrobe. Full of funky pieces such as Sass & Bide’s crackerjacks in khaki; one week that stood out in particular was the week all the girls were dressed in hues of beige, khaki, black and nudes.

The X-Factor Australia's Mahogany

Last night on X-Factor, Enrique Iglesias performed his song ‘Heartbeat’ and did an absolutely amazing job. The song features Nicole Scherzinger, however, the local artist who sang the females part did a much better job. Her voice complimented his in a way that resulted in the song being stuck in my head all day – so much so I decided to buy it on iTunes today. Oh and I must mention how sexy Enrique looked. Boyz II Men performed a few weeks ago and their performance, while not as good as Enrique, was great and an anniversary song for the death of group member, Stephen Gately. 

Needless to say, The X-Factor isn’t one of those shows I groan at and quickly change the channel. Those left in the competition have really great voices too, which adds to the appeal level. Hopefully after the show some will go on to be quite successful and bring us good music!



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