Tony Bianco wedges

I’m a huge Tony Bianco fan. His shoes are comfy, they’re gorgeous and they’re just the right price. I had a little look-see on his website yesterday and oh gosh, I wanted so much! I cannot wait to head to Melbourne and grab a few pairs! Of all the lovely shoes on offer, my favourite (at the moment) are the Felicia. They come in a range of colours however my favourite is the Black Chicago and second in the Stone Chicago. They look comfy, cute and would really help me become less vertically challenged. With jeans, with a lovely party dress, surely these babies would be great for all occasions! Ah, it’s times like these that make me think I should invest in a credit card (god help my bank account the day I do!).

Tony Bianco - Felicia in Black Chicago

Tony Bianco - Felicia Stone Chicago

Cohen et Sabine Summer 2010

The summer 2010 – brilliance of mischief collection from Cohen et Sabine, like all of their collections I’ve seen so far, is lovely. Hot party frocks, lovely casual dresses, and pretty little tops – needless to say upon seeing some of the pieces I wanted them. Such as the Blue Floral V-Neck Ruffle Silk Dress, the top layer dress in the picture below. It’s sweet, it’s simple and absolutely perfect for summer. The Fire Princess designs also caught my attention. In both the 3/4 sleeve silk top and the silk tank dress.

Cohen et Sabine - Blue floral ruffle silk dress

Cohen et Sabine - Fire Princess 3/4 sleeve silk top

As much as I love all of the heart crossed mischief designs, I personally do not suit this pattern (much to my disappointment). They come in a maxi, short dress and a skirt. Another favourite of mine are the Tigers Eye dresses. They’re simple and sweet, but you do need either a singlet or a bra in the same colour as the dress as the eyelets run from the neck to about mid-torso in the dress and all the way down in the top.


Cohen et Sabine - heart crossed mischief - batik long dress

Cohen et Sabine - tigers eye - eyelet jersey tee


My final favourite number is this sweet little thing pictured below. I’m unsure of the name of the dress, however, it comes in white with blue flowers. If you have the chance definitely go check out the collection. Their website has a list of stockists; however, you can also email with the style number, colour and size and they can let you know if you can purchase it through them.


Cohen et Sabine - this dress also comes in white with blue flowers.


Cigarettes and Visual Merchandising

A local mens store in my city currently has a manikin in the window with a paper bag on its head, drawn on facial-features and a cigarette glued to its sharpie-drawn mouth. Next to it is a female manikin trying to kiss/make out with paper-bag-dude.
I’m sorry but that is by no means a good window display. I’ve seen manikins styled in many ways – some stores have them pretending to run, but these manikins took it to another level. They looked cheap and tacky. The clothes on the manikin are nice, so it’s a shame you get too distracted by the cigarette to look at them. If you want to be edgy, different, attention grabbing, think of something other than a paper bag and a cigarette. Please, I beg of you!

Witchery VS Barkins

A month or so back I discovered on a blogspot blog (which I can’t remember the name of, oops!) a lovely pair of geometric printed shorts pair with a mustard yellow button up shirt and tan heels. I discovered that the shorts where from Barkins and cost a mere $29.95. Bargain!

However, today I was looking through the Witchery website and what should I find? The same geometric print shorts in a slightly different design. Witchery’s version is priced at $89.95.

I have tried on the Barkins pair and was hoping that, despite the fact they only size down to an 8 in majority of things, they would be closer to a size 6 than the 8 on the tag and therefore I could nab a pair. This was not the case. I simply couldn’t fill the shorts out (much like the fact I can never fill out a pair of Barkins shoes – apparently budget Barkins shopping will never happen for me) and because they were too big they merely made me look dorky. The material of the shorts wasn’t the best either, but when you’re getting a lovely pair of printed shorts for $30, you shouldn’t get too picky. It got me thinking that while the Witchery shorts are more expensive, they do go down to a size 6 and are possibly a better material. However, I have not seen a pair of these shorts in real-life and am yet to determine if this is true. One downfall of the Witchery shorts (despite the fact they’re more expensive) is the fact they don’t appear to be high-waisted, whereas the Barkins pair are. This could potentially alter the cute-level of the shorts but none-the-less, I feel I must go investigate these for myself and make an informed judgement. Either way, they’re very cute and short printed shorts are perfect this summer. Wear them with a neutral-tone top, cute sandals, big brown sunnies and long wavy hair for the perfect summer look.

Witchery Geo Print Cuffed Shorts

Barkins Printed Shorts

Excuse the size of the images, I couldn’t find any pictures except for tiny little thumbnails!

Festival Fever!

In roughly 1 week’s time I will be kicking off summer holidays and what better way to do it than a festival! Full Noise Festival will feature acts from Wolfmother, Bliss n Eso, Art vs. Science and many more. I’m expecting it to be quite fun! Needless to say, I had to plan my festival outfit in advanced. My new red vans are perfect for dancing it up all day long and preventing a broken foot from being stood on. I’ve never been a fan of festival outfits that leave you burnt to a crisp the next day, so I opted for a cute owl print top by Something Else by Natalie Wood from Universal Store which go nicely with my black high-waisted Supré shorts. Just add red lip-gloss/lipstick, a shoulder strap bag & I’m good to party. Comfy & cute! If you’re attending a festival this summer, make sure you don’t forget to slip, slop, slap – there’s nothing sexy about red raw skin, and of course have fun.


Full Noise outfit - Something Else extinction sucks tee, Supré black high-waisted shorts, red Authentic Vans, wayfarers & red lippy



The Sequined Clutch

I’ve always been one to go for the practical accessories. As much as I love the gorgeous clutches and shoes on offer, I often don’t buy really unique pairs simply because I won’t get as much use out of them as I like. Every now and then, however, I break this little trend of mine and go for something a bit different. Funnily enough, they still tend to have an element of usability to them.

Recently, I came across a gorgeous sequined clutch (Alexia Sequin Clutch) at Witchery. For those who have read my post about the photo shoot I did for my Loop Magazine article, it’s the clutch used in the Witchery photos. It’s great clutch because it’s a little more dressy than my usual Louis Vuitton or Eclettica clutches, however, the colours of it match majority of outfits in my wardrobe. At the moment, I’m going through an oversized clutch obsession. Probably something to do with the fact that a) they’re easier to carry – just chuck it under your arm b) there’s more space to carry my apparent abundance of stuff c) they make a nice, big statement and can really do wonders for a simple outfit. If you want something a little bit smaller Witchery also has other sequined ones to tickle your sequined clutch fancy.


Alexia Sequin Clutch from Witchery



Authentic Vans

For about two years now I have been chasing after a pair of Authentic Vans in canvas red after seeing a girl in a Sydney shoe store wearing them. Unfortunately for me, I require a size 3. In case you’ve never chased after a pair, they’re a bit hard to find. I asked around majority of Sydney stores, and unless I lived there I couldn’t just waltz in and buy a pair. Apparently, size 3 Vans are very popular/sought after and sell out within a couple of days of arriving in store.

Recently, my father took a trip to America and what should he come across SIZE 3 AUTHENTIC RED VANS! I was so excited. Needless to say, they’re the comfiest shoes ever and look über cute with shorts, casual dresses and really make your gym outfit look way funkier. Mmn it’s love! I plan on pairing these bad-boys with maybe a charcoal dress, tan belt and bag when I hit Full Noise Festival.

Authentic Red Vans