“Sorry, there’s no shotgun in retail”

My father has always said to me on the topic of shopping, “if you’re not sure, wait a few days. If it’s still there when you come back, it’s meant to be”. Recently, I’ve twisted this to, “if you’re on a budget, wait a few weeks. If it’s still there when you can afford it – yay you”. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been working out so well.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a mild Witchery obsession at the moment (probably something to do with it being new to Townsville and me experiencing the initial over-excitement and obsession that comes with it). Gorgeous nude coloured heels – will usually match everything & have a use, especially in my closet. Flowy silk dresses – highly unlikely to experience neglect. Two cute pieces that I really quite wanted.

Alas, I’ve made a pact to myself to save a large sum of money before Christmas and being the accountant’s daughter I am, I’ve put myself on a strict budget. This budget does not allow much spending money, let me tell you. Not when you shouldn’t be heading out having fun due to uni exams and the goal to travel to Japan next year. So I waited, thinking they would stay there, just for me.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to work like that. Clothes seem to be a bit like lovers: some of them will wait for you, some of them will not; and some of them might be right for you but will only ever be ‘the one that got away’. Neither of those lovely pieces are in store anymore and what’s annoying is, because I haven’t spent money on fashion, somehow, money is spent on unnecessary things on accident, e.g. drinking alcohol and eating fast food. I don’t know how this works. Despite being rather adept at accounting and economics, I don’t know why a lack of clothes buying leads to an increase in junk food buying instead of more savings. The relationship just doesn’t make sense.

Regardless, I’m certain I’ll find something else to want (I can’t help it, I am human after all) and the cycle will repeat itself in some shape or form again.

The Blouse Hunt

Cute Witchery top

You know the feeling of walking into your cupboard and realising you have an abundance/lack-of a certain style or type of clothing? Well that happened to me the other day when I realised that I have no gym shirts and no going-out/good blouses. I just have an extremely over-supply of casual-uni-appropriate tops. Then I realised, “woah, lots of dressed, LOTS of shorts and a few pairs of jeans… but not many work appropriate tops”. I only go to uni two days a week and Sunday is the only day I don’t wear nicer clothes because I have the day off work. The over-supply seemed complete unnecessary. My latest fashion mission: hunt down and purchase cute tops for gym and work.

The gym one was easy – thank you Lorna Jane. Literally, they were the only place with decent gym clothes that a) look good b) are easy to move in and c) are cool enough in this humid tropical climate that your back doesn’t turn into a waterfall of sweat.

Now heading into the middle of summer in a tropical climate, you would think there would be heaps of cute little blouses around right now. Not the case. I searched all my usual jaunts in order to find something and came up very short. I want/ed something classic (simple cut, no spaghetti straps), in either white or cream and if I had to, I’d even settle for black. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune and it had to be flattering on. Anything that caught my eye was out of my budget and wasn’t 100% what I was looking for; everything else got a big fat cross in the prerequisites list.

Eventually, I found a lovely singlet top. It’s something a bit dressier from Witchery but only ticked a few of my prerequisites – cute cut, nice colour (but not the colour I wanted) and smart casual. It goes great with my Natasha tan heels and my JBrand jeggings.

So if anyone comes across some cute, summery, cream or white blouses please feel free to tell me. My wardrobe is desperate 😉

Loop Magazine Shoot

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, this month’s theme for Loop Magazine (a small youth section of the Townsville Bulletin that I write for) is fashion and I’m reviewing the new Castletown development. I did an amateur photo shoot showing some of the clothes on offer in the centre and the lovely staff from Universal Store, Foxx Foe and Witchery picked some great outfits. Whether you’re going to a festival, relaxing in the sun or heading to a night out on the town; all the looks are inspired by summer. The three stores were extremely helpful and I must say Witchery, in particular, did the whole sha-bang with accessories and even a touch of lipgloss! The article is published on Friday the 29th of October so grab a copy of the Townsville Bulletin and check it out! Here’s a sneak peek of the clothes.

Matt and Tiarna in casual looks by Universal Store

Tiarna in a maxi dress by Foxx Foe

Tiarna & Matt in a party/smart casual look by Witchery

Jegging Lust!

I’m a huge fan of JBrand’s leggings. They’re light, they’re easy to move in and they look oh-so-hot! However, I recently discovered True Religion also does a denim legging. I’ve never had to good fortune of running into a pair. With my father taking a trip to America I’m very tempted to ask him to get me a pair, but I’m concerned they won’t be as fantastic on as the JBrand jeggings. Comment below to let me know your opinion of them!

True Religion Women's Casey Legging Jean - Santa Cruz

For The Males: The Ted Baker Ashcroft

Ted Baker Ashcroft

Ted Baker Ashcroft2

If there’s one type of shoe I insist a male gets, it’s the Ted Baker Ashcroft. I first discovered these beauties when they arrived at Cubah Menswear in Townsville during a mid-winter drop and instantly fell in love with them. Since they arrived I keep getting all the guys that come into work wanting shoes to try them on because I love them that much and majority of the time, guys love them.

Recently, my mother and I purchased a pair of the Ashcroft2 for my brother’s upcoming birthday. These shoes look fantastic with a nice pair of jeans (preferably a dark indigo), however, they also work well under dress pants for both formal and work occasions. They’re a lovely soft leather and a nice alternative to the rather pointy, long men’s shoes going around at the moment, which I have found aren’t suited to men with large, wide feet. However, not to fear, they are classier than the average square or round toe shoe. Ted Baker are also a great brand and I’ve never meet a man who owns a pair of Ted Baker shoes and has a complaint about them.

Look them up online or take a trip down to your local Ted Baker stockist and check them out, guys!

Witchery comes to Townsville!

The new development in Castletown was revealed on September 30 to a huge success. The renovation looks wonderful; very bright with wide isles and a very polished finish. Newcomers to Townsville, Witchery and Forever New, caused quite a commotion, with heaps of clothes selling out within the first few days. Universal Store now has a larger store, prompting thoughts that their previous space in Castletown was only very temporary until the new section was completed. Foxx Fo and Hunter were also among the newcomers. Hunter is part of the Jaxx/Stella Moda local company that is extremely popular with both older teenagers and young adults and their new store has the same boutique vibe, only now it’s located in a major shopping complex. Foxx Fo has some similar brands as Hunter, only for a cheaper price. If you’re a bargain hunter definitely have a dig through there, however, those who are older may be less likely to find things to their taste as the store is predominately a 15 to 20-something year old market.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Witchery and I purchased a lovely black skirt and blue and grey striped top on the opening night of Castletown’s new section. The skirt doubles both as something more dressy and as a great work-experience/internship skirt and the top is also more corporate but looks awesome paired with darker jeans.

Witchery skirt $100 and top $60 - both versatile and super cute pieces!

Witchery skirt and top paired with tan heels, gold jewelery and wavy hair

Other pieces I love are the V Neck Tunic in Navy, although, for a while I contemplated getting it in Khaki/Oatmeal. As well as the Silk Drape Trapeze Dress.

Witchery V Neck Tunic in Navy

Witchery Silk Drape Trapeze Dress - gorgeous!

My latest journalism assignment is actually to review Castletown’s redevelopment and take photos of some outfits. When it’s published I will post the outfit’s (both men’s and women’s) I choose as well as post my more in-depth review!