Work’s new season

American Vintage Cotton Twill Tank Dress (mine is Earth coloured however)

American Vintage Jersey Mini Dress (mine is carbon however)

My bank account is officially screwed! My ever lovely place of work’s sister store, Miss Ruby, recently got in its latest season. Spring/Summer 2010. I nearly died. Not only did we get in new American Vintage (of which I snapped up 3 pieces instantly check them out in the pics I’ve embedded) but also BA&SH (currently eyeing off two pieces, one I will never get through work due to already having sold my sizes). There’s also new camilla and marc mainline SS10. I’m in love with the letter frock. I WILL get that dress if it kills me (I just have to pay off my lay-by first – damn). I would show you all a picture, but the website won’t let me save the image or copy the images address. Last but not least, I discovered they’d received more Gypsy05 stock and now I really want one of their dresses too! Unfortunately I have a friend’s 19th pub crawl to attend in two weeks, therefore must spend my money buying a vest (a gorgeous Winter Kate vintage silk black vest – why buy a poor quality Lowes one I will never wear again when I can buy the Winter Kate one I know I will wear to death), a purple & black playboy bra as well fishnets and hotpants. In case you were wondering the theme is, ‘Suit up, or slut up’, so I decided to do both simultaneously! Enjoy the spring/summer collections!

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I'm a 20-year-old, 3rd year Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Journalism student majoring in Economics and Regional Development. I love fashion and the arts (in particular, dance) and plan to pursue a career in either fashion or news journalism.

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