Cup Day 2012

The local cup day causes a lot of fashion buzz for weeks and sometimes even months in the lead up to the event. While I liked my outfit and figured it was highly appropriate (despite it being taken up about 1 inch shorter than I wanted), the fashions on the field judges apparently didn’t like me wearing a straw fascinator in ‘winter’. Never mind that winter in the tropics is so hot sometimes you could pass out from heat exhaustion (in fact I even experienced this first-hand when I passed out from heat stroke last winter on a rather hot day). And despite red being seen nearly everywhere at the cup, not a single girl or guy wearing a hint of red made it through to top 10, let a lone top 5.

Nonetheless, I had a great time and I even won money on horses. Most of my outfit was a bargain — each item was under $100 — except the fascinator, which was $290. But I learnt the hard way last year that you’ve got to be careful who you get to make you a fascinator. After $100 went down the drain on a badly made fascinator that was not only the wrong colour but also the wrong shape and badly glued together, I decided the ladies at the local hat shop had obviously been operating there for years for a good reason. Given my first experience with them 2 years prior was amazing, I will never again stray from the people who make my (fashion) life easier.

The dress was $100 by Madewell from Shopbop (although the tag does not say Madewell, so that’s odd), and the shoes were $40 from Betts (purely accidental finding too), and the clutch is my beloved new red Eclettica clutch which came with the cutest note from the Eclettica girls in Sydney.

Next year I am upping the ante and finding something months in advance that will (hopefully) blow the competition away. Fingers crossed!


With a friend who also did FOTF with me.




( ^ Clearly non-photographer boyfriends have no clue on good lighting or angles)

LOVER The Label, Witchery & Sabo Skirt

4 favourite new get-ups:


Sabo Skirt jacket, Joie dress, Gorman clutch, Natasha heels

Gosh I love this outfit! The jacket is nice and light and while I do wish it was slightly better made at least it looks good and I can wear it in summer. This dress has definitely become my new fool-proof LBD and with the bag and shoes its a perfect spring outfit for the tropics. Floral jackets and pants are definitely a bit of fun so give them a go if you haven’t already.


Witchery linen jacket & tank, Kookai skirt, Zara studded pumps


Witchery neon knit, Kookai skirt, Tony Bianco pumps, Gorman clutch, YSL arty ring

Another FAVOURITE outfit of late. The colour is so out-of-character for me but I feel like its another good spring outfit. Especially for nights out with a cool breeze. Plus neon is so very on trend right now.


LOVER The Label dress, Eclettica clutch, Betts pumps

LOVER The Label on sale? YES! PLEASE! I don’t know what to say about this dress other than I’m in love with it and wish I had a billion black tie events to attend so I could repeatedly wear this. And the quality is superb! There’s nothing I like more than a wow dress that’s quality. I will be buying more LOVER in future even if it’s not on sale and costs me an arm and a leg.

3 Ways To Do Lace Peplum

A great find in Forever New recently that consists of two of my favourite words right now: lace, peplum. Firstly, this top is comfy as anything (usually a requirement to make it into my wardrobe) and secondly, so many options!

The top does come with a purple came underneath but it’s detachable, therefore making the top a lot more fun.


Father’s Day lunch: paired with True Religion shorts & Natasha sandals


Later that night heading to the movies with friends: paired with Paige Premium Denim verdugo leggings, Natasha sandals and a Witchery nude cami underneath.


A week or so later heading out for drinks: paired with Kookai skirt & Tony Bianco nude pumps

I’ll definitely be looking for more ways to style this baby.

Outfit update


Forever New top, Jay Jays high waisted shorts, YSL arty ring, Natasha sandals and RayBan folding wayfarers.

It’s starting to get quite hot in the tropics and it’s technically only spring. The great thing about this outfit is not only is it cool and easy to wear, it was also under $100 for the top and shorts.


Lioness dress, Tony Bianco Shoes, Eclettica clutch

This is my newest number from Princess Polly. The dress was $70 (I think) and is a thicker jersey-like material. So while it’s probably not the coolest dress — given summer is around the corner — I figured if I’m going to be hot, I might as well do it looking hot.


Zimmermann floating Vase bikini

A new bikini for summer — what could be better? This is my second purchase from Surf Stitch and my gosh they deliver quickly. I’ve loved this floral pattern since I first saw it and finally I decided to indulge a little. Pretty good fit, but I wouldn’t like to wear this top in rough surf or anything.


Ba&sh top, Paige Premium Denim shorts, Repetto flats, Ray Ban folding wayfarers

Possibly one of my favourite casual outfits right now. It’s so comfy and chic and effortless; not to mention it’s great for the cold classroom to steamy outside transition between classrooms at uni. I will probably wear this till it’s falling apart and looking daggy as all hell.

Beauty Buys – Garnier, Crabtree & Evelyn, Redkens & Body Shop


I think I’ve been buying more new beauty products lately than I have clothes! I’ve been hearing a lot about BB creams lately (short for blemish balm or beauty balm) and I decided I had to try one and see what the fuss is about. According to the ever-accurate Wikipedia, BB cream was designed for people post laser who needed a kind of healing moisturizer that gave some coverage – basically a combo of benefits for the skin (moisturises, protects from sun, fights blemishes and boost brightness of skin). I went for Garnier’s version of BB cream, the Miracle Skin Perfector, because it’s stocked in many places like chemists, supermarkets etc. Price varies depending where you go – $14 at Big W vs $9 at Discount Drug Store – but it’s roughly around the $10AUD mark.

As far as I know (or have been able to find out), there’s only two colours. I have a feeling there’s probably more but most places only have light or medium. Don’t let the medium description fool you as it’s pretty dark and I found it a little on the red skin tone side. After making this mistake I bought the light and even that is kind of dark (it blends with my skin perfectly and I have a yellow medium skin tone).

Apparently L’Oreal has a BB cream called Nude Magique but I haven’t come across it yet (I haven’t been looking very hard however) and other brands like Bobbi Brown and Body Shop are releasing versions. I’m interested in trying Bobbi Brown’s because it’s designed for combo/oily skin, whereas I feel Garnier’s is more suited to normal skin. However, I solve this by simply popping my Body Shop Seaweed lotion underneath. I’d also like to try Body Shop’s if Australia gets it.

Garnier’s version is quite lovely. Coverage that manly evens out the skin tone but doesn’t hide freckles like most foundations. It’s got a lovely smell and it is quite a thick cream but I guess that’s the point. I do like it for days off, and for uni I simply brush a tiny bit of my Clinique Almost Mineral Powder on top. So although I plan to buy and try other BB creams I will keep using Garnier’s on my days off.

Another recent buy of mine is Crabtree & Evelyn’s Wisteria perfume. It’s a beautiful fragrance wi notes of nashi pear, ylang ylang, and airy musk (I’ve been trying to find out if the musk is animal, plant, synthetic or simply a word to describe a scent in it, but alas no answer yet). I’ve also got Crabtree’s Rosewater fragrance in my collection – which smells like perfection when I wear it with Body Shop’s Spa Polynesia Lotus & Frangipani body purée (lotion) – but I’m yet to find a body moisturizer that mixes well with Wisteria. Regardless, I adore the smell and wear it when I’m not feeling girly enough for Rosewater.

A friend told me recently that I should alternate my supermarket brand shampoo and conditioner wi a good quality one to get the most out of my hair and stop product build up. So I asked my hairdresser what she recommended and $60 later came home with Redken’s All Soft shampoo and conditioner. Despite the price (Tony & Guy is usually around $15 for a shampoo and conditioner pack) it does make my hair feel softer and like the BB cream it has a delightful scent. Downside: I can’t stop stroking my hair after I use it.

I did also get The Body Shop’s Ginger Shampoo as a kind of deep cleanser. The shampoo helps to get rid of product build up and get rid of dandruff. My boyfriend has started pinching it for himself to get rid of dirt after rugby games and claims it’s the only shampoo that’s ever effectively gotten rid of his dandruff. For a good cleansing shampoo with a nice ginger scent I definitely recommend Body Shops Ginger Shampoo.

Recent buys

A few of my recent purchases.

Repetto tan ballet flats from local boutique Domain Shoes and Accessories. Did I mention I can wear my orthotics with them? Winner. Although, okay, I admit I do need to invest in some double sided tape just to hold the orthotics down a bit better. But at least I kind of have another pair of shoes to wear orthotics with.


Rory Beca lace running shorts from Shopbop. So comfy, so good for kicking around the house. And they’re a bit chic too. Oh, and they were $30. Love it.


Forever New white and black button up dress. I bought this for an upcoming 21st with the theme ‘white formal’. Obviously I could have gone with something more formal, like a gown, but with the right hair and makeup I think this will work. Plus the party is in a club and I’m not risking a drink spill on something ball gown-ish.


Peplum Chic

Peplum inhales have been extremely on trend over the last 6 months and I finally decided to jump on board the bandwagon a month or so ago.

My search for a peplum top was difficult. The style seems to be slowing down and anything I found was either outside of the price I was willing to pay or awful quality and didn’t quite look right.

While I found a lovely eggplant coloured top at Cue, I didn’t want anything other than white or cream and they only had dark colours available. The quality was obviously good, but it was also a bit too thick for my liking. Every other peplum top I looked for in local shops were bad quality and I found nothing online.

Then eventually I found a nice quality white peplum top from Dotti. Not only did they have ample colours, it was only $40 and has so far washed well. It’s also not too thin and not too thick, so at least I’m warm in the tropic’s version of winter (read: 20 degrees Celsius).

I find this goes great with both jeans and fitted skirts. I’m yet to find more it matches but I do plan to buy another colour while they’re available. If you have a Dotti nearby, go check these out.

Worn below with Kookai skirt, Betts Dorothy nude pumps, Dinosaur Designs bangles.